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​Explore the phenomenal worlds of consciousness
and play with information, complexity, and paradox.


The creators of the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule, announce the sequel...


The Conscious Molecule (TCM), and the launch of Uniphi Studio.

Upon its 2011 release, TSM became an instant cult classic and seminal work in expanding the conversation around psychedelics and consciousness; and it continues to do so over a decade later with many unanswered questions.

The upcoming documentary explores consciousness as fundamental and ubiquitous in the Universe. Through the lens of the ineffable DMT experience, the endogenous nature of DMT in the human body, and the intersection of new research, we ask:

What clues does this mystifying molecule reveal about the nature of reality?

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NFTs are at the heart and soul of our storyverse architecture and function as narrative devices, asset ownership, community membership, and future XR experiences.

Uniphi is a network of digital ecosystems composed of memeplexes that generate an evolving narrative. The design of our semantic indexing interface allows for seamless navigation of concepts, themes, and content (RMX tools), empowering us to explore an interactive storyverse with fully-integrated AI-assistance!


Decentralized Media Transmissions

Our Genesis Visionary Drop consists of clips from the original interview archives of TSM edited to capture a poignant thought or insight intended to inspire further inquiry into the subject.

DMT has become a strange attractor, from its cultural impacts to its profound effects on human consciousness.


As the ecosystem develops, we will unveil exciting interactive elements that allow community members to engage and interact with their assets and fellow members'.


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